Turn your mobile device into a scanner

CamScanner is a fantastic little app that can turn your mobile device into a scanner. I currently have the app installed on my Android phone and my iPad. As Simon Sinek correctly notes, people seldom buy the what; instead, they buy the why, so let me give you a use case scenario to demonstrate how useful this app is.
My son is into playing hockey, and just today I took him to the rink so he could get some stick and puck time on the ice. During the summer, stick and puck times vary depending on whether or not the rink is available or booked for a special event. While I was at the rink, I noticed a stack of printed pages with the current month's calendar on them. On the calendar were the dates and times of public skating and stick and puck times. Rather than grab one of those calendars and likely lose it before getting back home, I pulled out my phone, tapped open CamScanner, and captured it. What's more--and this is one of my favorite things about the app--with two taps, I exported it to Evernote where I can easily find it (it's also safely housed in my CamScanner cloud space) and from which I shared it with my son. Here's a brief video in which I demonstrate the basics of CamScanner.
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