Not now. I'm busy.

Sometimes meetings are important enough that we don't want interruptions. Sometimes we just need to turn off the screens, close the lids, and rest. Sure, you can silence the ringer on your smartphone and let your caller hear the ringback tone for a while before they get voicemail. Or, if you're a google voice subscriber, you can turn on "Do not disturb" and the caller gets pushed to voicemail immediately. Here's how:

From the GVoice Web Page

  1. Click the settings menu and select Settings.
  2. Click the Calls tab.
  3. Check the "Enable 'Do Not Disturb'" check box.
  4. If you want DND to end automatically after a set amount of time:
    1. Check the "Ends in" check box
    2. Type a number in the text box and select minutes, hours, or days from the drop-down menu

Setting DND in GVoice Web

From the Google Voice App

Note: instructions here apply to Android 4.1.2

  1. Tap the context menu button
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Check the "Do not disturb" check box

Setting DND on Android 4.1.2

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