Google Drive to the Rescue!

I've started creating a personal journal in Evernote, but rarely have I been entering text. Mostly, I attach multimedia files to the entry, like a short video or audio clip or photo or some such thing. When I create video clips for the entry, I use iMovie on the iPad, which is really simple to use. However, there's no easy way to transfer those files from the iPad to my Mac. I know, right?!? [It would be really cool, actually, if I could attach it to my note in Evernote iOS, but, alas, I cannot attach videos from my camera roll.] Typically, I import to iPhoto on my Mac, but that requires me to connect my iPad via USB cable—which I happened to leave at my office today.

Not to worry. Google came to my rescue and helped me overcome the (surprising) inabilities of the iPad and Mac. :p

I have the Google Drive app on my iPad, which allows me to upload photos or videos from my camera roll to a GDrive folder. So, I uploaded it to GDrive, then got on my Mac and attached it to my journal entry note from there. Done!

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