Google Drive Quick Tips #2

So in Google Drive Quick Tip #1 I showed you how to filter the files in your drive by file type using the "type:" prefix. This tip is an extension of that.

I teach biblical Greek for a living. Let's say that I want to find all of the Google Presentations that contain the Greek word λέγω in them. I can do that with the following search:

  • type:presentation "λέγω"

I can also search for all of the PDFs that contain the same word:

  • type:pdf "λέγω"

For that matter, since Google's search engine searches images using OCR, I can find any images (e.g., a screen shot) with λέγω on them:

  • type:image "λέγω"

This is very useful and powerful. I hope you find it beneficial, too!

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